Process – From concept to reality

1. Pre-Design Phase

In this first phase, you will gather information about your project needs, desires, zoning restrictions, land use, and site conditions. A survey of the property will also be conducted to determine property lines and take measurements of any existing structures.

2. Schematic Design Phase

Next, design concepts will be sketched and modeled to develop initial floor plans, site plans, and building elevations. The goal here is to establish the basic form and function for approval before moving forward.

Architecture draft papers.

3. Design Development Phase

Now it’s time to refine the approved design and work out all the details. This results in a complete set of construction documents specifying every element of the project down to the paint colors. These drawings will be coordinated with the structural engineer’s plans.

4. Construction Documents Phase

In this phase, any other needed information is added to obtain the building permit. This demonstrates compliance with applicable codes and guidelines required by the jurisdiction. These final drawings and permit forms are submitted for approval.

Wood frame of a house.

5. Construction Phase

During construction, the process involves guiding you through the approved design, securing permits, and responding to contractor requests in a timely manner to prevent delays. The goal is to bring your vision to life on schedule and within budget.

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From concept to reality

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