Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

ADUs, also known as granny flats or in-law suites, are a great option for adding living space to your property. An ADU is essentially a secondary dwelling that shares the building site with the main house. It has its own kitchen, bathroom, living area, and separate entrance. With the right design, an ADU can be a wise investment in your property’s future. See if your property can benefit from an ADU.

ADUs offer many benefits…

  • Extra rental income – The ADU can be rented out, providing ongoing rental income from your property. A major help with mortgage payments.
  • Housing for family – An ADU provides living space for elderly parents, adult children, or other family that want some independence but still be close.
  • Home office space – The ADU can be used as a quiet, separate office space for running a business away from the main house.
  • Flexible space – An ADU can be used as a guest house, workout room, studio, or really any use that benefits from having its own entrance and facilities.
  • Increased property value – Adding an ADU typically increases the resale value of a property above the cost of construction.
Sketch of an ADU by architect Jeff Finsand

ADU requirements…

ADUs do have to meet zoning and building code requirements. These include setbacks from the property line, maximum unit sizes, utility hook-ups, and more. Be sure to check with your local planning department as ADUs are now encouraged by state law. Many jurisdictions now expedite permitting and even provide pre-approved plans.

Color sketch of an ADU by architect Jeff Finsand
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